Tom Cotton Introduces Legislation Designed To Keep Critical Race Theory Out Of The Military

Sen. Tom Cotton introduced a new bill on Thursday that would help keep critical race theory and other kinds of “anti-American” ideas such as the claim that the United States “is fundamentally a racist country” out of our armed forces.

This is absolutely necessary as the left continues to try and brainwash our troops to become loyal servants of the state who will hate the very country they are supposed to fight to protect.

via The Daily Wire:

Christopher Rufo reported at City Journal that Cotton’s bill is based on the premise that the military should encourage members to “love the United States,” defend the “founding principles of the United States,” and treat everyone as “human beings with equal dignity and protection under the law.” Critical race theory, Cotton’s bill insists, rejects these premises with its notions that America is irredeemably racist and stoking racial division.

“Our military’s strength depends on the unity of our troops and the knowledge that America is a noble nation worth fighting for,” Cotton said of the bill, according to Fox News. “Critical race theory teaches that race is a person’s most important characteristic, and that America is an evil, oppresive place. That idea may be fashionable in left-wing circles and college classrooms, but it has no place in our military. Not only will such racist ideas undermine our troops’ faith in each other, they’ll also erode their trust in our country’s guiding principles. The United States military shouldn’t be promoting such divisive, un-American ideas.”

It’s really sad that a piece of legislation like this is even necessary in the first place. Radical leftists are so desperate to paint this country up as some sort of villain in the eyes of the public that they will stoop to utilizing theories cooked up by Karl Marx in order to get people on board with their idea to destroy our nation and rebuild it.

We need our men and women in the military to love this country and all that it stands for. We need them to know and understand the truth about our founding, our history, blemishes and all.

That’s how we grow as a society. We learn our past, push through the mistakes, and try to better ourselves.