Tim Scott Comes Down Hard On House Democrats After ‘Embarrassing’ Barr Hearing

South Carolina Republican Rep. Tim Scott had some pretty harsh words for House Democrats following the House Judiciary Committee hearing with Attorney General William Barr.

Scott suggested that the Democratic members of the committee “filibustered the answers to their own questions” during the extremely grueling and brutal hearing.

Folks, these Democrats need to be taken to the woodshed a time or two and taught some manners because the way Barr was treated is unacceptable.

Here’s more from The Daily Caller:

“We have the right AG at the right time,” said Scott. “Attorney General Barr was undeniably powerful. They were afraid of his questions. Frankly, the Democrats were filibustering the answers to their own questions. That is obvious. It is amazing to watch.”

“All around the country people got to see chaos in Congress run by the Democrats,” he continued. “Do you want chaos, chaos around America run by the Democrats? Of course, you don’t. So yesterday’s hearing was only a snippet of what’s to come if they gain control, and that’s why our voters around the country won’t let that happen.”

The South Carolina senator called Democrats’ conduct “embarrassing” and contended that Barr’s answers “were actually very clear, very concise and direct.”

Scott noted that “He was not going to be bullied and that was a powerful statement as well.”

“You have the top cop in America in a hearing for five hours and they did everything except for talk about the issues that are impacting minority communities,” Scott said in conclusion. “Instead of having that conversation, they decided to do what they always do, play politics with America’s future, to play politics with America’s minority communities. They had no idea, no idea at all that they would present to the attorney general about reforming anything. It was chaos.”

Congress needs more men like Rep. Scott to help share the truth and stand up against Democrats who are working around the clock to silence the voices of conservatives by any means possible.

It seems fairly clearly liberals have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar over this whole Russia fiasco and want to keep as much information about it buried as they possibly can.

Here’s to hoping the truth continues to come out and those involved in dirty politics are held accountable for their actions.