This Woman’s Halloween Decorations Were So Convincing…They Called the Police

This is one very good reminder not to decorate for any holiday too early–especially Halloween.

Becky Muhs of Fargo, North Dakota this week was delighted to find that some scary decorations she’d put up ahead of Halloween were so scary, she completely freaked out her neighbors.

Fox News reports that Muhs had painted handprints and “HELP ME” across the window in red paint to look like blood before she had set up any other decorations, prompting one of her neighbors to frantically attempt to contact her and even call the police.

“I look across the street and I see in my neighbor’s window, the sign that says ‘Help Me,’” said WDAY radio host Jay Thomas, who just happens to live nearby. “That window has always had the curtains drawn. So I’m like, ‘What’s going on in here?'”

Thomas, spotting a police car, then ran down the street to alert the officer, but ended up calling 911 after he was waved away.

“To my defense, there were no other Halloween decorations out there,” he said.

Muhs was mostly flattered that her decorations ended up being so scary, and that her neighbors are clearly, well, good neighbors:

“It’s any Halloween lover’s dream come true to get that kind of reaction to decorations,” she tells Fox News. “And honestly it’s very reassuring to know the we have such good neighbors looking out for us … even if it might have made him look a little silly, it was all in good fun.”

“We are still giggling here,” she added.

So remember, folks, when you’re decorating with blood and gore this Halloween, throw some plastic pumpkins and fake spiderwebs outside, too, unless you want to give your neighbors a heart attack!