The Starbucks App Was Down Monday. Embattled Survivors on Twitter React.

What do millennials do without the Starbucks app? We found out on Monday.

I’m over here still using checks at Walmart, but apparently, other millennials are so accustomed to mobile apps that let you pay for things purchases that when the Starbucks app was down for maintenance during the Monday coffee rush this morning, no one knew what to do with themselves.

Fortunately for many of those who were unable to use their Starbucks app, not to mention the rest of us, the Twitter app still worked so we could all have a few laughs over the silly situation.

In San Diego, customers came unprepared to pay, apparently having forgotten what life was like like, two years ago:

One customer got a jarring response to her attempt to order her drink:

Another couldn’t even celebrate her non-birthday:

Some customers got to experience a throwback to the Dark Ages:

Just like Jesus used to do:

At the end of the day, there were still many hungry and un-caffeinated snowflakes to whom today will forever live in infamy:

H/T The Daily Wire