The Families at the Border Have All Been Reunited…What’s the Next Faux Outrage?

I’m normally someone who is pretty disgusted by the hypocritical, virtue-signaling rhetoric from the left.

But nothing has appalled me more than watching them lose their minds over the separation of children from the adults who smuggled them across the border when entering our nation illegally.

Not because I don’t have compassion for people who are so desperate for a better life that they’re willing to treck across Central America and Mexico with their small children and risk arrest to seek residence in the US.

I do. I just also like to think that I have a little thing called common sense, and I know full well how many people who aren’t genuinely desperate are also crossing our border.

I also know that when you break the law, there are consequences, and, as heartbreaking as it may be to think of a nursing baby being forcibly taken from his mother’s arms, his mother is an adult who made a decision to do something that happens to be illegal.

So I was pretty disgusted when the Democrats and uninformed, emotionally-driven leftist celebrities flocked to social media and glitzy photo ops outside immigrant detainment facilities, suddenly feigning compassion for the people involved in a situation that has been going on for years.

I was also pretty disgusted by how quickly they forgot about it once Kavanaugh was nominated (abortions, it turns out, are more important to these hypocrites than people than supposedly mistreated illegal migrants).

Now, according to a federal judge, the reunification process has been completed.

But the left has already forgotten about these families.

So what will they pretend to care about next, only to forget about it in time for the next hysterical news cycle?

If you ever rely on the mainstream media to tell you what to be morally outraged by, you might want to look into getting a moral compass of your own.

Becuase these people don’t have one. All they see is faux outrage for the sake of political expediency.

A quick note: let’s keep these migrant families in their prayers, particularly the children who are taken advantage of and even abandoned in the desert by people who are not their parents.

We definitely need to enforce our border, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pray that no more lives are lost or children traumatized by a situation in which they are the ultimate victims.