The CDC Lowers Florida Coronavirus Numbers After The State Points Out They’re Inaccurate

The Health Department in the state of Florida recently put the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in their place by pointing out that the number of COVID cases they claimed the state had was inaccurately inflated.

When the CDC website posted up the record high COVID numbers again for Florida over the weekend, it didn’t take long for the state’s Health Department to accuse the agency of putting up incorrect numbers for the past several days, stating the real number should have been 15,319, not 28,317 that the CDC had claimed it was.

On Tuesday, the CDC finally adjusted the number of cases down to 19,584, and then said that it was having conversations with health officials in Florida to ensure all inaccuracies were corrected.

Here’s more from Newsmax:

But despite the corrected lower figure, the coronavirus situation has still shown serious deterioration over the past three weeks in Florida, according to the CDC numbers, Fox News reported.

The CDC reported that Florida had more than 20,000 cases for its 7-day average of new cases and that hospitalizations went up by more than 1,100 on Tuesday to 14,787 patients with coronavirus, the highest in the country.

In addition, more than 47% of ICU beds were taken by approximately 3,000 coronavirus patients, a figure which has almost tripled in the last three weeks.

Things between President Joe Biden and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis are already not that great right now. I don’t think the CDC putting out inaccurate case numbers is going to go all that far in helping to smooth things out, do you?

Just add this to the list of screw ups we’ve already witnessed from the CDC during this pandemic.