Texas Legislators Say Other States Now Reaching Out To Them Over Abortion Ban

According to two state legislators from Texas, other states have been contacting them to ask questions about their new abortion law after the Supreme Court issued a ruling that allowed it to stand.

State Reps. Briscoe Cain, the author of the Texas “heartbeat bill,” and Shelby Slawson, the legislation’s main sponsor in the Texas House made an appearance on the “Spicer & Co.,” show where they told the hosts of the program that both Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem have asked them about how to get similar legislation passed in their own states.

“I had a colleague up in Wisconsin, a state senator up there, reach out to see what they can do and their Legislature to implement something similar,” she went on to say, “so there is a definite level of interest among the pro-life generation, and standing up for life all across this country.”

via Newsmax:

Cain said an important distinction in Texas’ law from others that have failed is that Texas’ law does not look at time limits such as six weeks after conception or at certain trimesters.

“This is a ban when the heartbeat is detected,” he stated. “That could be at different stages, depending on the technology.”

Second, he said, the law empowers Texans to enforce their rights.

“We empower Texans to do this instead of the government, which is something that’s very important,” he continued.

Slawson noted that many district attorneys across the country, including some in Texas, have said they simply would not enforce such a law if it were passed, so they included an enforcement mechanism that bypasses government and allows private citizens to bring action against those performing abortions or aiding and abetting in an abortion, such as paying for them.

“Excitingly, there’s a place … somewhere in America, where nearly every child is protected from abortion,” Cain continued. “That place is Texas, and it’s historic.”

Let’s hope this is the beginning of the end for the evil scourge of abortion in the United States. After all, if we can’t defend the rights of the unborn, we aren’t going to be able to protect the rights of anyone else either.