Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Cracks Hilarious Jokes In Pitch To Citizens About Booting Abbott

Texas gubernatorial candidate, Chad Prather, who you all might have heard of, you know, he’s the “Political Cowboy” dude, who is a mighty nice guy by the way, recently delivered a rather comical pitch to the citizens of the state of Texas on why they need to vote for him in the upcoming primary and hand current Texas Gov. Greg Abbott a pink slip.

@texasfreedomcoalition Get Abbott out! Put in a true conservative. Vote in the primary. Primary day is March 1st. Early voting starts Feb 14th. #prather2022 @chadprather ♬ original sound – Sarah J Fields

The primary in Texas is set to be held on March 1, which is rapidly approaching. Early voting starts on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.

What better Valentine’s Day date night is there than early voting before you head out for some fancy dining at the local Red Lobster or Cracker Barrel?

By the way, I say that as a fan of both restaurants.