Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Declares State Of Emergency Over Border Crisis

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has issued a state of emergency in his state due to the border crisis that is still unfolding day by day while the Biden administration does nothing to fix the situation.

“President Biden’s open-border policies have paved the way for dangerous gangs and cartels, human traffickers, and deadly drugs like fentanyl to pour into our communities,” Abbott went on to say in a statement.

“Meanwhile, landowners along the border are seeing their property damaged and vandalized on a daily basis while the Biden Administration does nothing to protect them,” he added.

“Texas continues to step up to confront the border crisis in the federal government’s absence, but more must be done. By declaring a state of disaster in these counties, Texas will have more resources and strategies at our disposal to protect landowners and enforce all federal and state laws to combat criminal activities stemming from the border crisis. Working together with local law enforcement, the state will continue to take robust and meaningful action to keep our communities safe,” the governor stated.

via Newsmax:

Texas state Rep. Henry Cuellar, a Democrat from Laredo, dismissed the state of emergency as politics, telling local NBC affiliate KXAN that “I do not think that this is a disaster. This is a state version of [former President Donald Trump] declaring a border emergency. I disagree with that.”

Abbott also announced this week that former President Donald Trump has endorsed his bid for reelection.

“President Trump is a great friend of Texas,” the governor said in a tweet published on Tuesday. “I thank him for his endorsement. I’m proud of the work we’ve done together to secure our border, bring more jobs to Texas, & protect the freedoms that make America & Texas great — & we are just getting started.”

Just last month, Abbott accused the Biden administration of abandoning “the rule of law” at the southern border.

“Our state legislature, they allocated about $800 million every two years for the state to pay for this [border security],” he said during an appearance he made on Fox News last month.

“This year, because of the extended time that we will have the National Guard on the border, it likely — will clearly — exceed a billion dollars for the state to have to secure the United States of America,” he added.

Abbott also announced he would be crafting a piece of legislation that would make it illegal to create or deliver opioid fentanyl.

“It’s clear,” the governor stated last week, “that Biden’s open-border policies are unleashing deadly consequences.”