Texas Congressman Delivers Big Punch To Biden Over What He Calls Worst Border Situation During His Time In Office

Rep. Michael Burgess, a man who has served as a representative of Texas in the U.S. House for almost 20 years now, recently stated that the border situation under President Joe Biden is the worst he’s experienced since he first took office.

“2014 was my first trip down on this issue because of the rapid influx of migrant children and at that time I think the numbers were 140,000,” the Texas Republican remarked during an interview on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “This number now for the year is going to be 10 times that. I’ve never seen it this bad.”

According to the congressman, the big problem the country is facing is the “organization” of the coyotes and the smugglers on the other side of the borders who are doing their best to try and get both immigrants and illegal substances like fentanyl across the southern border.

“We had the story from a few weeks ago where someone had to pay $3,000” for the last leg of the journey to get across the border, and “that’s the kind of monetization the coyotes are extracting right now,” said the congressman.

via Newsmax:

Part of the issue is that there is work going on both sides of the border to get drugs across the border, said Burgess, adding that it will take shutting down the “money tree” that has come from the transfer of fentanyl to help to stop the facilitators who are bringing people across the border and into the United States.

“It is a phenomenal amount of money that they are paid to get someone across,” Burgess remarked. “The consequence is that it just generates more business for them. They monetize that.”

The cartels are also broadcasting their services for getting people across the border in other countries around the world, not just in Central America, said Burgess.

The congressman also commented that separations of children and adults have not stopped during the Biden administration.

“Under current law, if it is someone other than a mother or a father who arrives with a child, the child is placed in the custody of the United States government, the Office of Refugee Resettlement,” said the Texas Republican. “Are we going to come back and pay reparations to all those people? I can’t believe that would happen, but I can’t believe the problem is as bad as it is.”

Meanwhile, there is not a vaccination or test mandate for people coming across the nation’s southern border, and Burgess said congressional Democrats stopped a provision for testing the migrants.

“In February, when they did the big reconciliation bill to crush the coronavirus, our doctors’ caucus had an amendment saying that at that time, vaccines weren’t readily available, but to test everyone who’s coming across,” Burgess added. “That amendment was rejected on party lines by congressional Democrats. At the same time if you’re coming from another country legally on a transatlantic flight, guess what happens? You get tested before you get on the plane.”

Well, it seems the Democrats are really wanting to pump up the voter rolls for the 2022 and 2024 elections, so they’re allowing all the illegal immigrants possible to cross over into America so they can bribe them with massive entitlements and magically transform them into Democrat voters.

Is it any wonder so many of them are dead set against voter ID laws? Just do a little basic math and it all makes sense.