Ted Cruz Sticks It To FBI During Questioning About Bureau Informants At Capitol Attack

Sen. Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican, put the screws to a top FBI official concerning whether or not bureau informants were at the now infamous Jan. 6, 2021 attack at the Capitol building, specifically focusing on the role that was played by a man named Ray Epps, a veteran of the Marine Corps.

Epps can be seen in video footage urging supporters of then-President Donald Trump to enter the Capitol building.

Jill Sanborn, who serves as the FBI’s executive assistant director for the national security branch, refused to answer many of the key questions asked by Cruz, stating she wasn’t allowed to disclose “sources and methods.”

Sanborn then stated she was not aware of any FBI agents being involved in inciting violent or criminal conduct that day.

via Newsmax:

Cruz pointed to a video showing Epps encouraging people to enter the Capitol — and noted the crowd started chanting “fed, fed, fed” in apparent believe he was an agent himself.

Cruz said Epps was initially put on a list from the FBI looking for information on the Capitol attack. He also said Epps was taken off the public posting later and has not been charged to date.

Sanborn said she was familiar with Epps but could not answer Cruz’s question about whether he was an FBI agent. Sanborn also noted she did not have “the specific background on him.”

According to Washington Examiner report, there were three people who allegedly participated in the Capitol attack who disappeared from the FBI’s Capitol Violence Most Wanted list without an explanation.

Not answering key questions is still, sort of, in a round about way, answering the question. At the very least it looks suspicious. At worst, it could be Sanborn attempting to cover for folks working for the FBI and encouraging violence during the rally on that now infamous day.

Right now, we can’t say for sure which is true and which isn’t.