Ted Cruz Slams 1619 Project, Says It’s ‘Revisionist History’ And Is Unteachable In Public Schools

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz recently voiced his support for President Trump’s decision to eliminate “propaganda” from public schools, criticizing the 11619 Project and its founder Nikole Hannah Jones.

Jones stated that Trump’s pledge to take away funds from public schools that teach the project is an example of “cancel culture.” However, Cruz shot back calliing the project Marxist propaganda.

“Calling out lies is not silence. NYT explicitly admits the 1619 project is revisionist history: ‘It aims to reframe our country’s history.’ It is filled with serious errors — which have been called out by top historians — but the NYT doesn’t care. You’re not after truth. You’re engaged in propaganda,” tweeted Sen. Cruz.

via Washington Examiner:

The project was selected for the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for commentary but was widely criticized by historians as containing inaccuracies, including the assertion that the Revolutionary War was an effort by colonists to preserve slavery rather than declare independence from the British monarchy.

“Why should the false revisionist history not be used as the basis of K-12 education across the nation? Not because of ‘cancel culture,’ which you support. But because it wrong & deliberately deceptive,” Cruz continued, adding that academic work should aspire to accuracy and withstand scrutiny.

On Friday, White House Office of Management and Budget Director Russell Vought stated that the president ordered him to make sure that federal agencies were no longer taught or conducted any sort of training for employees based on “critical race theory,” which has been heavily scrutinized and criticized by many scholars for a plethora of reasons, including the rejection of classical liberal thought.

This, of course, is causing liberals across the country to further toss out the “Trump is a racist” card, ignoring what these theories and projects are actually saying about our nation. Much of the material in critical race theory is Marxist in origin and seeks to revise the actual history and events that gave birth to our nation.

In short, they are lies. We need to be a people who care about the truth if we want our republic to survive. There is no room for this kind of junk to be taught to our children.