Ted Cruz Puts A Stop To ‘Partisan’ Resolution Honoring RBG After Schumer Tries Slipping In ‘Dying Wish’

Sen. Ted Cruz threw up a massive block concerning a Senate resolution that was supposed to honor the recently deceased Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg after the Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer tried to add in language about honoring her “dying wish” to be replaced after the inauguration.

Here’s the scoop from the Daily Wire:

“Republicans came to us with this resolution, but it ignored Justice Ginsburg’s dying wish — what she called her ‘most fervent wish’ — that she not be replaced until a new president is installed. So we simply have added it to the exact same text of the resolution that the Republicans gave us,” Schumer said on the Senate floor.

“All the kind words and lamentations about Justice Ginsburg from the Republican majority will be totally empty if those Republicans ignore her dying wish and instead move to replace Justice Ginsburg with someone who will tear down everything she built,” Schumer continued. He singled out abortion, gay marriage, union rights, and healthcare as the main issues he fears will crumble under a Trump-appointed justice.

Cruz, in response, said, “Unfortunately, the Democratic leader has put forth an amendment to turn that bipartisan resolution into a partisan resolution.”

“Specifically, the Democratic leader wants to add a statement that Justice Ginsburg’s position should not be filled until a new president is installed, purportedly based on a comment Justice Ginsburg made to family members shortly before she passed,” the Texas senator added.

Ginsburg reportedly dictated to her granddaughter, “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

“That, of course, is not the standard,” Cruz stated. “Under the Constitution, members of the judiciary do not appoint their own successors.”

Cruz then tossed around the idea of including a statement that declared Ginsburg’s disagreement with the idea of court stacking, which the Democratic Party has threatened to do if Republicans appoint a replacement for her.

“Justice Ginsburg would easily see through the legal sophistry of the argument of the junior senator from Texas. To turn Justice Ginsburg’s dying words against her is so, so beneath the dignity of this body,” Schumer replied.

As you can imagine, the left was ready to rip Cruz to shreds over his blocking this resolution:


Here’s to hoping the Republicans are loyal to their principles and get a true red conservative up on the SCOTUS bench to protect our liberty and uphold the Constitution.