Ted Cruz Just Handled Alyssa Milano With Pure Class and We Might Get A Debate Out Of It

Y’all. It’s only September, but Christmas just came early for folks like me who love debates. If Twitter strutting results in real-world action, our dear Ted Cruz and the incorrigible Alyssa Milano will sit down for a dialogue on gun control as soon as next week!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, let’s back up a minute. In case you missed it, the context of this interaction is set in another of Cruz and Milano’s feisty Twitter interactions, which began with Milano’s ridiculous reaction to an epic Twitter thread from Rep. Matt Schaefer on gun control:

I mean, our Constitution does outline the right to one’s own property as an inalienable right given by our Creator. Guns are property. Knives are property. A nailed-up baseball bat is property. The Bible doesn’t tell us we can own cars or Goldendoodles either, but that’s an anachronistic argument made in bad faith—Milano clearly doesn’t want a legitimate answer to her ridiculous hypothetical.

Still, a legitimate answer is exactly what Cruz offered.

“An excellent Q, worth considering carefully w/o the snark of Twitter. It is of course not the right to a modern-day firearm that is God-give but rather the right to Life & the right to Liberty. Essential to that right to life is the right to DEFEND your life & your family,” Cruz began.

Cruz continues:

And with that, Cruz ended his thread, cautioning Milano against using horrific crimes “as an excuse to violate the [constitutional] rights of law-abiding citizens”:

Let’s all pause for a moment to give that thread the standing ovation it deserves. Done? Did you actually stand? Okay, good.

While Milano did not immediately respond to any of the points Cruz made in his thread, she did ever-so-kindly request a live-streamed meeting so she can expose his “bullsh*t” to the American people, while simultaneously citing 1 Peter 4:8 (“And above all things have fervent love for one another, for ‘love will cover a multitude of sins’”).

What a peach.

Now, with that turd sandwich response, the issue could have been over and this would have been simply another article about Ted Cruz owning a lib on social media. Those are always fun to write.

And then this happened:

Oh, snap! It’s happening!

Now, as a huge fan of actual, scholarly debates between two or more people who don’t identify as unicorns and who are capable of not committing crimes against logic every fifth word, I’m tempted to be pessimistic about this. If all you’ve ever seen are presidential “debates,” you can’t possibly understand the magnificent symphony that is a well-done debate conducted calmly and intelligently.

If Milano is capable of even coming close to that caliber of critical thought and coherent expression, this is sure to be a treat.