Ted Cruz Completely Smashes Eric Swalwell In Hilarious Viral Tweet About Ties To Alleged Chinese Spy

Sen. Ted Cruz has got jokes. Pockets full of them.

And right now they are all aimed at Rep. Eric Swalwell from California.

Earlier this week it was discovered that Swalwell may have had a relationship with a Chinese spy who served as one of his campaign bundlers, and it’s on this point that he gets totally destroyed in an epic viral tweet from the Texas senator.

“More than once, I’ve said ‘screw the Chinese communists,’” Cruz tweeted. “Little did I know how closely Swalwell was listening.”


via Washington Examiner:

It was reported earlier this week that Christine Fang, a Chinese national suspected to be working with China’s Ministry of State Security, conducted political operations on behalf of the Chinese government and that Swalwell was one of her “most significant targets.”

The controversy, largely ignored by news organizations, has been dismissed by Swalwell, who suggested the accusation is politically motivated, and by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who said she does not have “any concerns” about the story.

Conservatives on Twitter responded positively to Cruz’s tweet, which was retweeted over 45,000 times in less than 24 hours.


And this, ladies and gentlemen, is just one reason why Sen. Ted Cruz is awesome.

Now that Swalwell has been found to have an inappropriate relationship with an actual spy, perhaps it’s time to revoke his membership to the House Intelligence Committee and strip away his security clearance?

Just a thought.