Teachers From Chicago Perform ‘No Return’ Interpretative Dance, Get Immediately Mocked

Over the weekend, the Chicago Teacher’s Union put together a little video featuring six of their members who teach dance doing an interpretative dance to share their feelings about refusing to return to work until they “feel safe.”

Gee, too bad the rest of us aren’t afforded such a luxury, right? This smacks of laziness. People want to be paid while not working and providing anything of value or substance to the culture they are a part of.

via Daily Wire:

The union tweeted the video, titled, “The Moment We’re Safe,” with the caption, “Six of our rank-and-file dance teachers come together to use their art form as a voice to express their desire to feel safe amidst CPS’ teacher return policy. They stand in solidarity with all educators at risk, because no one should have to choose between life and livelihood.”

A voice in the video intones, “I will survive without you,” followed by another voice intoning, “Make it make sense… Safety is essential… Keep our students and our teachers safe… Safe… It’s our livelihood versus our lives… Safe… In this moment, be safe… Safe… Our children deserve to be safe… We want to be safe… Safe… We want to feel safe… Safe return or no return.”

The Internet, especially folks on Twitter, had a field day making fun of this nonsense.


This is why we need to reopen schools. Folks have far too much free time on their hands and they end up making weird garbage like this with it.

I mean, really, when you think about it, interpretive dance folk are pretty useless when it comes to contributing to society. Maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to return to work after all?

However, that means they should be fired. Not given pay for doing nothing. That’s not how the real world works.