Taxpayers Covering Costs For NYC’s Bill To House Homeless In Hotels

Not long after the coronavirus pandemic began, big cities began to fret over the large homeless populations on their city streets, especially in New York. One of the solutions Mayor Bill de Blasio and his team came up with was to take homeless folks and put them up in hotels to ease the burden on shelters and to help control the spread of the illness.

Well, take a wild guess who is now having to pay for all of those rooms?

If you guessed the American taxpayers, you win the prize. Just kidding. There is no prize. Life’s hard, kids.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, which is something the left can’t seem to wrap their minds around.

Here’s more from Fox News:

As it stands, at least 139 hotels are deemed home to people experiencing homelessness – a sharp rise from the estimated 40 hotels that were used in place of shelters prior to the outbreak of the global pandemic this year. Around 13,000 individuals are believed to be living in such hotels across some of the five boroughs, with most of them transferred from various shelters. There are approximately 700 hotels in the once-bustling New York City, and roughly 20 percent are now used as homeless shelters.

“(This) will eventually bankrupt the city. With more and more people fleeing the city because of the homeless problem and defunding the police where they don’t feel safe, the city will not have the funds to sustain this,” Michael Fischer, President of the Central Park Civic Association, a citywide advocacy group endeavoring to alert New Yorker’s on the homelessness crisis, told Fox News. “And the crisis is only going to get worse.”

Oh and as if that isn’t bad enough, apparently six convicted pedophiles, all on parole, have been moved into opulent hotel accommodations on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. This location is just a block away from an elementary school playground, which is in violation of a state law about how far away from such areas registered sex offenders must stay.

One of these sick individuals was in prison for forcing a four-year-old to have sex with him. Let that sink in a little bit.

Now, when I stated that American taxpayers would be picking up the tab for these expenses, I meant what I said. It’s not only New Yorkers who will be paying for this. We all are.

In April – as New York became the epicenter of the virus and there was no indication that hotel business would resume in the near future – a $78 million initial contract was inked to find hotels for people experiencing homelessness. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) agreed to foot at least 75% of the costs of the rooms, with the associated expenses – such as moves, the staff, medical care, mental health and extra services – landing on the laps of the New York taxpayers.

Thanks, New York, for placing yet another burden on the back of hard working Americans who are already having a hard time dealing with this pandemic.

The Democratic leadership in New York is doing a horrifically bad job with just about everything. If that isn’t enough to flip this state red, there’s no hope for them.