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Wednesday, August 15, 2018


I mean, let's give the kid a break, he is only seventeen. OK, maybe he's eighteen by now, but that still doesn't mean he's been paying attention in civics class. It's probably hard to keep up your regular class schedule when you're busy tweeting out your latest anti-gun platform, conducting die-ins at grocery chains, and spending half your time in the CNN green room, right? 
Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood are good buddies. They even gave her the Margaret Sanger award in 2009, which is an award they give women who remind them of the racist eugenicist who wanted to sterilize minorities and the "unfit" (in other words, the perfect award for Mrs. Clinton.)
Do you remember all the way back to late last month when David Hogg and the mainstream media absolutely melted down over Laura Ingraham, an adult, commenting on Hogg's "whining" about his college rejections? Here's how it went down: David...
  A strange thing happened on Twitter today. President Trump retweeted a post from @ProgressPolls, and the internet exploded. Okay, absolutely nothing about that scenario is strange, but it’s fun to watch. The fact that the President shared the post...
Am I crazy or is the internet just an unfriendly place to be?  Thanks to the 21st century phenomenon that is the "internet troll" it would seem that you can't join any conversation on social media without being cursed,...

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