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Monday, July 23, 2018


You can always count on YouTube duo Diamond and Silk to infuse some common sense--and staunch Trump support--into any situation, and the recent uproar over Roseanne's highly controversial tweets is no different. 
While the rest of the world cowers under the crushing, tyrannical reign of a democratically elected president who sometimes says mean things, De Niro, almost as if he is the hardened tough guy he so often pretends to be in movies, is taking a huge step to retrieve our republic from the clutches of evil, evil Donald Trump. 
Another week, another ridiculous media outrage over something relatively insignificant that Trump did. This week, it's his comment that MS-13 members, that is to say, members of a gang whose motto is literally "Rape, Steal, Control" who are known for their particularly violent and torturous methods of killing both gang rivals and innocent people alike...are animals.
This is exactly what got Trump elected, folks. And also exactly why everyone is sick of the mainstream media.
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