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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Tag: SJWs

Some folks just can't breathe without having an issue to blabber on about on social media.
It's time we stop going along with the notion that literally everything is offensive and start just enjoying American culture again. 
Because he didn't want to change his time-honored characters to suit the desires of the radical-left cultural Nazis, he will forever be remembered as a bigot, apparently. 
As the community struggles to cope with this tragedy of unthinkable proportion, SJWs on Twitter, perhaps upset that the Texas community isn't as eager to push the gun control agenda as Parkland was, apparently have nothing better to do than make a big hubbub over absolutely nothing. 
It's 2018, so rather than teach children the valuable lesson that you don't always get what you work for if there is someone more qualified ahead of you, a New Jersey school board has decided to just let everyone be a cheerleader. 

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