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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Second amendment

Well, isn't that nice? 
Good on Univ. of Utah for setting this straight.
Dick's Sporting Goods execs seem so determined to virtue signal about their pro-gun control stance that they are apparently willing to let their business suffer rather than actually, you know, show any regard for their primary customer base.
We've already heard that the NRA has been experiencing record membership and fundraising numbers for the last two months, but now, FBI background check requests are indicating record-high gun sales for April as well. 
To think of the number of people who are openly working towards regulation that would strip this elderly woman of the Second Amendment rights that very well may have just saved her life. 70-year-old Maxine Thompson has just had her name...
The media attention for the tiny tot anti-gun brigade from Parkland, Florida seems to be trickling down a bit, so this week, they apparently decided to find something new to keep the public interested in their quest to disarm...

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