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Tag: Roseanne

There's no shortage of gossip and rumors floating around the liberal cesspool that is Hollywood, but every once in awhile a tantalizing morsel slips out in the media that makes even the most anti-gossip hound out there start drooling...
Goodman said while he's happy the show has returned, he misses "Rosie."
One follower asked if he'd consider doing a sitcom with her. His answer garnered quite a bit of support from fans. 
You can always count on YouTube duo Diamond and Silk to infuse some common sense--and staunch Trump support--into any situation, and the recent uproar over Roseanne's highly controversial tweets is no different. 
The Roseanne scandal has been whizzing by at lightning speed over the last few days, and it appears to have it's own fake news story now to boot. 

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