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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Tag: parkland

I think he's probably got a much more productive future than the rest of the kids associated with the March, who most likely still believe they know everything at 17.
While the media tend to focus their sights on the handful of teenagers who survived the Parkland shooting who just so happen to parrot their own narrative about gun violence and gun control, these teenagers hardly represent all young people in our country, many of whom are just as concerned about gun violence--their methods just aren't as appealing to the mainstream media. 
It has been said over and over again: the Broward County Sheriff's Office completely failed to respond to the very clear threat that Nikolas Cruz posed to his community. And yet the gun-grabbers still want to blame the NRA. 
The media attention for the tiny tot anti-gun brigade from Parkland, Florida seems to be trickling down a bit, so this week, they apparently decided to find something new to keep the public interested in their quest to disarm...
The media, in the months following the Parkland shooting, seem to have completely forgotten that less than six months ago, a bad guy with an AR-15 was bravely taken down by...a good guy with an AR-15. Steven Willeford, an NRA...
Kyle Kashuv has been an absolute rockstar following the tragic shooting at his high school in Parkland, Florida. While other students have done little more than bask in the glory of a favorable media while rubbing elbows with celebrities and...

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