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Wednesday, September 19, 2018


After decades of excuses and denial, the left seems to finally be ready to throw the Clintons under the bus. 
The New York Attorney General who was recently accused of explosively cruel sexual abuse after enthusiastically supporting the #MeToo movement (oh, Democrats) seems to have a whole other mess on his hands: he was apparently a total crook of an AG, too. 
A vocal supporter of the #MeToo movement and a darling of the Democratic party, who was set to bring charges against Harvey Weinstein for his plethora of sexual abuse allegations, has himself resigned after allegations of heinous sexual abuse were published by the same journalist who took down the now disgrace Hollywood producer. 
Roman Polanski, the celebrated Hollywood director, has had a skeleton in his closet for decades. The only problem is, the door to this closet has been wide open for just about as long, and yet, in the eyes of Hollywood, directing really good movies totally makes up for drugging and raping a minor. 

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