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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

gun control

Liberals have such a funny way of protesting. They love to make a lot of noise, a lot of big spectacle, and a lot of angry comments, and often violence. But when they're held accountable for criminal acts, they always seem surprised.
Little David Hogg took a break from calling law-abiding NRA members "terrorists" and rallying for your natural rights to be taken away to say something...legitimate. 
The Obama administration is not marked by a particular degree of productivity, so it's no surprise that his education secretary doesn't seem to know how school shootings work. Or how schools work. Or how anything at all works. 
We've already heard that the NRA has been experiencing record membership and fundraising numbers for the last two months, but now, FBI background check requests are indicating record-high gun sales for April as well. 
While the media tend to focus their sights on the handful of teenagers who survived the Parkland shooting who just so happen to parrot their own narrative about gun violence and gun control, these teenagers hardly represent all young people in our country, many of whom are just as concerned about gun violence--their methods just aren't as appealing to the mainstream media. 
YETI coolers have enjoyed massive success as a popular outdoors brand, so they probably should have thought it through a little bit before suddenly cutting ties with the NRA in the middle of gun-grabber-led boycotts of brands and businesses...

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