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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Tag: fox news

One of the things folks seem to absolutely adore about President Trump is how he brutally puts the mostly left-wing mainstream media in its place after asking him foolish, stupid questions.
In the court of public opinion, carefully vetting a judge to sit in the most dignified, respected court in the country now includes how much hanky-panky there was at prep school.
James Comey can't seem to stop lying. The man has spent the last 16 months trying to justify his incredibly lenient treatment of Hillary Clinton's blatant crimes, his actions during the 2016 election, his unethical leaking of FBI documents to...
Logic!  It's an amazing thing that has been lost on our world.  In the debate on transgender military members I used a simple argument...without judgement or demonstrate several reasons why President Donald Trump's decision was not only right...
Well folks, here is where we find ourselves: Living in a world where an elected official can make a physical threat against the President of The United States without any sense of foreboding or fear of repercussion.  Rep. Scott Hamann of...

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