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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Tag: David Hogg

Maybe it's time to find a new cause, Davey. 
I think he's probably got a much more productive future than the rest of the kids associated with the March, who most likely still believe they know everything at 17.
I mean, let's give the kid a break, he is only seventeen. OK, maybe he's eighteen by now, but that still doesn't mean he's been paying attention in civics class. It's probably hard to keep up your regular class schedule when you're busy tweeting out your latest anti-gun platform, conducting die-ins at grocery chains, and spending half your time in the CNN green room, right? 
Little David Hogg took a break from calling law-abiding NRA members "terrorists" and rallying for your natural rights to be taken away to say something...legitimate. 
Since the moment the bullets stopped in Parkland, David Hogg, Sheriff Scott Israel, and anti-Second Amendment zealots across the nation have been pointing the finger at the National Rifle Association. Chants at the latest (sparsely attended) gun control high school...
This kid's head is about to get so big he'll have trouble getting a summer tan. David Hogg, the insufferable, potty-mouthed, anti-gun "activist" who survived the Parkland shooting and was presented the perfect opportunity to bash Americans over the head...

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