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Tag: abortion

It's not exactly a secret that the modern day Democratic Party has become more and more radical on the topic of abortion than any other generation of individuals in the history of this nation. We've seen folks on the left...
There's no shortage of American companies who have made it clear that they are run by progressives as they've taken an active stand against life by supporting Planned Parenthood and abortion, however, as dark as it may seem right...
Miley Cyrus, daughter of mullet rocking Billy Ray Cyrus, and a "musician" herself by modern standards, decided to let the world know how much she loves being naked and supports the right of women to murder their unborn children...
In just a matter of minutes, these young people go from "it's a woman's right to choose," to "I definitely changed my mind about abortion."
Here in the US, our Constitution recognizes an inborn right all humans are endowed by God with--the right to life. Whether that's the right to self-defense, free speech, or freedom of religion, our right to self-determination is precious, and one of the building blocks of the unique liberty we have enjoyed in the United States for over two hundred years. 
Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood are good buddies. They even gave her the Margaret Sanger award in 2009, which is an award they give women who remind them of the racist eugenicist who wanted to sterilize minorities and the "unfit" (in other words, the perfect award for Mrs. Clinton.)

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