Supporting Greta Thunberg Makes One A White Supremacist, Apparently.

According to NewsHub, any “climate-anxious” supporters of the Swedish teen (who, last I checked, still hasn’t been pulled from the spotlight by her stage parents and hooked up with a good psychiatrist) are apparently helping to reinforce white supremacy in society.

Yup, you read that right.

Apparently the mainstream climate hysteria movement isn’t woke enough on its own, and focusing so much on a white girl shifts the focus off of non-white or indigenous activists and keeps systems of white supremacy in power.

I swear, I’m not making this up. See for yourself:

“Y’all need to ask yourselves why you find it so much easier to hear from white people, regardless of age, when it comes to the violence they have caused across the world,” tweeted No White Saviors, an organization dedicated to rooting white supremacy out of missionary work.

“It is a SYMPTOM of global white supremacy that certain people are HEARD & given a platform, certain people have access to the RESOURCES to be the HEROES that the world will pay attention to.”

That’s not all, sadly. There’s much more.

Gotcha, because the Flint water crisis was caused by racist environmental terrorism, and not the corrupt city government grossly mismanaging funds and contracts. Sure.

Then, there’s this dude:

How hilarious that Thunberg’s assessment of the climate situation is only inaccurate because it’s missing the white supremacy argument, and not that it’s rooted in junk science and alarmism.

It would seem those indigenous activists didn’t have well-connected, spotlight-hungry parents like Greta.

There were many more examples of such nonsense available for the picking, but I already have a headache from reading these.

How infuriating it must be to commit oneself to the uphill trudge toward perfect, progressive enlightenment only to find that you just ain’t woke enough yet.