Superintendent In Detroit Offers Defense Of Critical Race Theory, States It’s Embedded in The Curriculum

The superintendent of Detroit Public Schools recently came out and said that the school district has indeed embedded critical race theory inside the school’s curriculum and slammed the Michigan State Legislature for their attempt to ban it.

Nikolai Vitti, the superintendent of Detroit Public Schools,  made the acknowledgement about the curriculum during a during a Detroit school board  held on November 9.

“Our curriculum is deeply using critical race theory, especially in social studies, but you’ll find it in English Language Arts and the other disciplines,” Vitti went on to say. “We’re very intentional about creating a curriculum, infusing materials, and embedding critical race theory within our curriculum.”

via Washington Examiner:

The statement is noteworthy because liberal activists and Democratic politicians have repeatedly insisted, despite evidence to the contrary, that critical race theory, which teaches that American institutions and culture are systemically racist and oppressive to racial minorities, is not taught in K-12 public schools.

Vitti was critical of the Republican-led state Legislature for advancing bills banning critical race theory in Michigan public schools, noting that teachers in the district had sent letters to state representatives urging them to oppose the legislation.

“I think our best strategy politically is to lean on the governor to veto it, as she has done with other legislation that has passed in Michigan over the past couple of years,” Vitti remarked, making a reference to Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Guys, these folks want to indoctrinate your children with Marxist ideology. They are now openly admitting it. If you haven’t considered pulling your kids from government schools, now is a really good time.