Steven Crowder Blows Past ‘Young Turks’ To Become Biggest Online News Channel

Conservative podcast host and comedian Steven Crowder should be feeling mighty good right about now, having surpassed the leftists twerps over at the “Young Turks” channel on YouTube, becoming the largest independent news channel on the site, crossing the 5.03 million subscriber mark on Tuesday.

This just goes to show you how big the demand is for media that is not connected with the mainstream news outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and CBS News to name a few. People are ready for something different, that gives them the news of the day with a bit of a twist to it, but not the facts getting twisted.

via Daily Wire:

Amid a time of increased demand for news and commentary outside of the traditional legacy media outlets, Crowder has risen with his massively popular “Change My Mind” series, and his comedic digital shorts and daily commentary.

He celebrated the development on Twitter, announcing: “Today, [Louder With Crowder] passes [The Young Turks] as the biggest independent online news/commentary channel on youtube… and we did it all without millions in foreign funding. I will retire my Cenk impression and costume, in the middle of the studio. Forever. 10AM ET.”

As part of Tuesday’s show, Crowder aired a compilation of his past run-ins with Uygur and The Young Turks and vowed to retire his impression of Uygur, a popular recurring segment. “It is time to officially retire the Young Turks Cenk Uygur costume and character,” he said, as taps played in the background and a black costume was soberly laid on the ground.

Crowder deserves all of the props he gets for becoming one of the biggest channels on YouTube, a platform that is a cesspool for liberal thought an idiocy. The fact the channel is doing so well should give us all hope that people are actually waking up.

Not to mention it proves that we as conservatives can actually put together entertaining content too. We should be working toward taking back the film industry while we’re at it.