Spiritual Mentor For Georgia Senate Candidate Warnock Called For ‘Destruction Of Everything White’

Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock has given some rather high praise to a man he calls his religious mentor, Dr. James Hal Cone, saying he’s a “poignant and powerful voice” of high “spiritual magnitude.”

The problem here is that Cone has a reputation for being a very controversial theologian who has made the argument that if you’re a white Christian, you’re “satanic” and has gone so far as to actually advocate the “destruction of everything white in society.”

Hey, folks. This is what racism looks like. Real racism. Not that phony stuff made by the perpetually outraged crowd.

via Free Beacon:

Warnock has described Cone, who served as his academic adviser at the Union Theological Seminary, as his “mentor.”

The candidate’s ties to radical theologians, including Rev. Jeremiah Wright, now threaten to complicate his candidacy in a hotly contested Senate race that could tip the balance of the upper chamber. Cone’s divisive rhetoric, and Warnock’s subsequent praise for him, may pose new challenges for Warnock, a political unknown until earlier this year. Warnock’s public defense of Wright’s “God Damn America” speech in 2008—which President Obama denounced as offensive after his own ties to Wright came to light—has also come under scrutiny. Wright has also credited Cone’s work for inspiring his own religious philosophy.

First in his 2013 book and later in a 2018 eulogy, Warnock lavished praise on Cone. “How blessed we are that someone of the spiritual magnitude and power and commitment of Dr. James Hal Cone passed our way,” Warnock said in the eulogy.

When Warnock’s campaign was contacted by The Free Beacon to get a comment on this controversial comment and his support for Cone, they did not respond.

A non-answer is kind of an answer, though, right?

Do we really want this kind of guy in the Senate? I don’t think so.