Speaker Pelosi Tosses Rule That Allow Minority Party To Change Legislation Before Vote

Democrats in the House of Representatives have managed to get rid of a long-standing rule that normally allows the minority party to change a piece of legislation on the floor before it goes up for a vote.

The rule is known as a “motion to recommit.”

An editorial piece published in the Las Vegas Review-Journal slammed the decision to remove the rule, which Democrats carried out this week as they passed rules that will govern the House for the next two years.

via Newsmax:

The editorial said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi feared that, without a rule change, the GOP could force Democrats to cast votes on controversial issues that may harm them politically in the next election, especially moderate members, given the rise of the party’s radical progressive wing.

The GOP never made a similar move when they controlled the majority, with Republican Rep. Tom Cole pointing out that “This is a right that has been guaranteed to the minority for well over a century. With today’s changes, the majority is seeking to silence views they are afraid of.”

That change was not the only damage done by the Democrats, according to the Review-Journal, as Democrats also essentially eliminated a requirement that legislation which boosts the deficit be offset with cuts elsewhere.

As you can clearly see, Pelosi and her cronies in the House are just dying to do anything and everything they can to put a muzzle on the Republican Party and prevent anyone from standing in the way of them accomplishing their agenda.

They are hoping and praying that all things go the way they want them to with the certification of election results, because if that happens, then liberals will control all of the government. And that spells disaster for liberty-minded individuals.