Speaker Pelosi Says Mandate For Biden Bigger Than That Of JFK

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, hopeful for a Biden presidency, stated on Friday that the mandate for the former vice president is much bigger than that won by John F. Kennedy in 1960.

Well, that’s it, guys. Pelosi has officially gone off her medication. Scary thought, huh?

via Washington Examiner:

Pelosi’s comments came as neither Biden nor President Trump have reached the necessary 270 Electoral College votes necessary to claim the presidency. Ballots are still being counted in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, among other states that have not been called.

A Biden victory could range from the bare minimum 270 electoral votes to 306 — the amount Trump won in 2016. Biden’s popular vote victory stands at over three million and is likely to grow. JFK, in his narrow 1960 victory over Vice President Richard Nixon, won the popular vote 49.72% to 49.55%. But JFK won a more comfortable Electoral College majority, 303 to Nixon’s 219.

“I see this as an opportunity. I think Joe Biden has a big mandate — a bigger mandate than John F. Kennedy when I was in school, and a bigger mandate than others,” Pelosi, 80, told reporters. “It’s pretty exciting for the country because he respects every single person in our country.”

Pelosi went on to dismiss all of the seats the Democratic Party lost in the House on Tuesday, which now numbers seven as of this writing.

“We lost some battles, but we won the war. We have the gavel,” Pelosi stated.

Guess she doesn’t understand that she needs the support of the Senate in order to get any part of Biden’s agenda legally pushed through Congress. Which, by the way, is under Republican control.