South Korean Intelligence Service Says Kim Jong Un Disappeared Over Coronavirus Concerns, Not Heart Surgery

So a few weeks back, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un seemed to disappear off the face of the earth, which immediately launched in the Internet into a frenzy of rumors. Many claimed he was deathly ill after having heart surgery. Other theories about his death were spread like wildfire by fake news outlets *cough, CNN, cough* but as it turns out the rumors of his demise were indeed greatly exaggerated.

And if what the National Intelligence Service in South Korea is saying is true, then the story about his heart surgery might also be a fabrication.

Apparently, according to the intelligence gathered by the nation, Kim Jong Un disappeared due to concerns over the coronavirus.

Here’s more on this from Fox News:

“The NIS assesses that at least he did not get any heart-related procedure or surgery,” Kim Byung-kee, a member of the South Korean parliament’s intelligence committee, was quoted by Reuters as saying. “He was normally performing his duties when he was out of the public eye.”

“At least there’s no heart-related health problem,” Kim added.

“Kim Jong Un had focused on consolidating internal affairs such as military forces and party-state meetings, and coronavirus concerns have further limited his public activity,” Kim Byung-kee told the news agency.

You’d think this would put an end to the rumors about the dictator’s health, but nope, those are still raging forward. One of the pieces of evidence that refuses to allow these theories about ill health for Kim Jong Un to die is a piece of video footage that seems to show the leader with a needle mark in his right wrist. This could be indicative of a cardiovascular procedure.

So what in the world is really going on in North Korea? That’s a good question. We may never really know. The country and their propaganda machines are always keeping everything they do on lockdown, so there’s no way to know if the information the South Koreans got is 100 percent accurate.