Some Members Of The Minneapolis City Council Regret Pledge To Disband Police

A new report has revealed there’s a number of folks on the Minneapolis city council who regret pledging earlier this year to defund and disband the local law enforcement department, which came as a result from the pressure applied to the council in the wake of violent riots after the death of George Floyd.

Not long after defunding the police, the city of Minneapolis experienced a severe spike in violent crime that seemed to baffle a lot of the hardcore leftists on the council who simply couldn’t figure out why taking away money, and by extension limiting police presence, would embolden criminals.

via Fox News:

Council member Andrew Johnson, who supported the pledge in June, told the outlet that he meant the words “in spirit,” not by the letter. Meanwhile, Council member Phillippe Cunningham said the language in the pledge was “up for interpretation.”

Council President Lisa Bender added that she believes the pledge “created confusion in the community and in our wards.”

Some relatively moderate council members, like Linea Palmisano, chose not to take the pledge, telling the Times that the council has “gotten used to these kinds of progressive purity tests.”

“I’m not taking any pledge, if that means people throw bottles at me then fine,” Palmisano wrote.

Councilwoman Lisa Goodman did not take part in the pledge and spoke with Fox News saying that she has “no regrets about that then or now.”

Of course, the younger members on the council are still sticking by the pledge, folks like Alondra Cano and Jeremiah Ellison, who recently made it clear on Twitter they were still going to try and tear down the police system.

It’s common sense that you shouldn’t take away police. This is a no-brainer. It’s actually mind-blowing to think these folks can’t seem to get their minds wrapped around this concept. When good guy aren’t around, bad guys do bad things. After all, they’re bad guys. Why is that so hard to grasp?

Thankfully, many folks on the council are waking up to reality. Now if only the younger individuals would stop living in a different universe and snap back to the here and now, maybe common sense would prevail.