SHOCKING! You won’t believe the horrible things Trump did in Texas!

Donald Trump made his second visit to hurricane ravaged Texas on Saturday to visit with those affected and displaced by the storms. The media and social media has been on fire with complaints of how his visit was just another presidential photo-op since his first visit was, according to them, a PR nightmare.

Trump said during his first visit that he wanted to visit with state and local officials in order to assess the needs of the state and vowed to return in order to spend time with the citizens of Texas. True to form, his critics were quick to find fault in everything he did.

Mark Dice took to Twitter offering us a satirical look of how the media would rather cover Trump’s visit. Take a look.

He did WHAT?!?

Such a narcissist!

He really is mean huh?

Probably KFC that he wanted to eat with a knife and fork!

Kid probably had it coming.


I just couldn’t stop laughing at these!

I can’t believe the shoes Melania is wearing in this picture! Shameful.

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