SHOCKING: Kathy Griffin Delivers Smackdown on Michael Moore Concerning Kavanaugh

On Thursday, massive Trump hater Kathy Griffin — you know, the woman who tweeted a photo holding the severed head of the president — took Michael Moore to the woodshed over some hard truth concerning SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

It seems weird seeing such events unfold, but keep in mind, all of the successful thwarting of the Democrats’ plans to shut down Republicans has led to them becoming desperate, over emotional, and eager to find someone to point the finger at for their failures. Thus, they are starting to eat each other up.

The intra-anti-Trumper feud, highlighted by The Wrap, was prompted by a post by Moore decrying the Democrats for putting their hopes in the FBI to bring down the eminently qualified Kavanaugh, who has been the target of a series of uncorroborated and refuted allegations, including being part of a “gang rape” circuit.

“5 days ago Dems & ‘liberals’ did the same old thing, claiming some empty ‘victory’ when Flake feigned ‘shame,[‘] and then foolishly placing their hopes in the FBI – THE FBI! – doing an ‘investigation,'” tweeted the left-wing activist director. “When is our side going to wake up and start FIGHTING? Stop hoping & start acting!”

“Michael…WE LOST,” wrote Griffin. “What more could we have done? We don’t have the Senate or the Presidency. What more can we do for god sakes? We should focus on the midterms but stop criticizing without a real world solution.”

She ended with a personal jab. “And frankly what were you doing?” she asked.

Ouch! That’s definitely going to leave a mark.

What the left doesn’t seem to grasp, both Griffin and Moore included, is that folks in America are not as hard left as the vast majority of the puppets in Hollywood. They had a taste of hard left politics and, quite frankly, didn’t like the flavor.

Hence, we have Trump and Pence in the White House. And you know, they aren’t doing half bad. Just look at all they’ve accomplished on the geopolitical stage and with the economy.

Maybe it’s just simply time for the hard left to come back to the center? Just a thought.

Source: Daily Wire