Shirtless, Horned Rioter Refusing To Eat In Jail Because Food Isn’t Organic

The infamous QAnon activist who stormed the U.S. Capitol building last week shirtless and sporting a bearskin headdress with a massive set of horns is apparently not eating his food in jail.

The food is apparently not organic, and that’s just totally unacceptable for Jake Angeli. Folks, this is what insanity looks like. This is one that definitely flew over the cuckoo’s nest.

via Fox News:

Gerald Williams, the attorney for Jacob Anthony Chansley, who goes by Jake Angeli, told the court during a virtual hearing that his client had not eaten since he turned himself over to the FBI on Saturday because he has restrictive dietary needs.

“He gets very sick if he doesn’t eat organic food,” Martha Chansley, Angeli’s mother, told reporters outside the courthouse. “He needs to eat.”

The court said the U.S. Marshal’s office would need to make accommodations for Angeli, adding that it is imperative that he eat.

The U.S. Marshal for Phoenix, David Gonzalez, told The Arizona Republic on Monday that the Marshals Service would comply. “For religious or health reasons, if (inmates) need a special diet, we are required to accommodate them,” he said.

Angeli has been officially charged with knowingly breaking into the Capitol building and the grounds around it. He’s also been charged with violent entry and disorderly conduct after pictures of him inside the building while holding a spear popped up on the Internet.

You know, I think while this guy is locked up they need to give him some sort of mental health evaluation. It doesn’t seem this fellow is playing cards with a full deck if you catch my meaning.

Angeli spoke with the FBI and stated that he traveled to D.C. with other “patriots” from the state of Arizona at the “request of the president” in order to protest against the certification of the Electoral College results.

And allow that to be one of the many pieces of evidence that is gathered to show this dude’s elevator does not go up to the top floor.