Sheriff David Clarke Says Anti-Cop Politics To Blame For Spike In Crime

Sheriff of Milwaukee County WIsconsin, David Clarke Jr. addresses the Republican National Convention at the Quicken Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, July 18, 2016

According to conservative former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, “chaos is reigning supreme” with violence in many of the major cities around the United States and that things are probably going to get worse over the course of the summer due to the actions of politicians that are currently undermining police.

“I’m talking to the political class,” Clarke said during a conversation on “The Count.” “They’re the ones that screwed up this. The residents, the taxpayers, the business owners, they understand the importance of the police.”

Politicians, he said, “got into bed with the cop haters and try to appease them instead of allowing the law enforcement to keep control.”

He then added that this has led to a major spike in crime and violence.

“This is going to be an unbelievable summer, and I don’t mean that in a very good way,” he said.

via Newsmax:

His comments come after all 50 rapid response unit officers in Portland, Oregon, this past week resigned in protest when a fellow police officer was indicted for the alleged use of unlawful force during a protest in the city.

Clarke stated the situation in his stomping grounds, the city of Milwaukee, is “much the same as in other cities, as shootings and homicides are off the charts there as well.”

“There’s a cause and effect here and everybody knows it,” he went on to say. “This is not a sterling revelation that when they started talking about taking resources away, what it signals is how serious these political figures are about not improving the quality of life in the city.”

There is also a “ripple effect” from the increased crimes because businesses are having trouble operating at a profit and home values are declining, meaning property tax revenues are declining.

“It’s going to take a long time, even though they’re putting more money in,” the former sheriff said. “This stuff doesn’t change overnight.”

Meanwhile, police departments are being worn thin because of the increase in retirements and resignations, Clarke said, but he added he was glad to hear about the Portland rapid response squad pulling out of their jobs.

“I have long called for job actions, lawful job actions by law enforcement to stem the tide of this constant berating and this bashing of police,” Clarke continued. “It’s just not worth it anymore. So, I’d have a list of demands, but this has to be led by unions, because they’re not getting any support whatsoever, and I think it’s disgraceful, not getting any support from their law enforcement executives.”

Clarke then added that rising crime rates are “more than disturbing.”

“It’s aggravating because we’re talking about law-abiding citizens that are caught in the crossfires,” he explained. “We’re talking children in the city of Chicago, murders of children meaning under the age of 16 up 300% so far in 2021.”