She Doesn’t Quit: Ocasio-Cortez is Fact-Checked…Blames Sexism

Well, this little gal will fit right in in DC!

She hasn’t even been elected to Congress yet and she’s already fantastic at regularly saying crazy things and pulling out the victim card whenever necessary.

Not two days after she tried to equate being invited to a debate with Ben Shapiro to “catcalling”, she’s now blaming sexism for being called out for not knowing anything.

On Saturday, a journalist from a very friendly source, Vox, published a tweet that dismissed the way Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez keeps getting asked about how in the everloving heck the American people are supposed to pay for her proposed multi-trillion-dollar free-everything for-life plans as “scoldy” and “condescending,” while the coverage of House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) was “credulous-verging-on-worshipful” (BAHAHAHA right.)

Ocasio-Cortez, apparently thrilled with an opportunity to play the victim twice in the span of three days, added that “1st time female candidate makes small slip on a budgetary figure during extemporaneous interview: ‘This girl is SO uninformed! She needs to stay quiet until she knows everything! Incumbent male Congressman brings a snowball to Congress to ‘disprove’ climate change: [white male shrug emoji].”

There are a couple things wrong with this.

First of all, as The Daily Wire points out, when Republican James Inhof brought a snowball to Congress, the reaction was anything but [white guy shrugging emoji.]

The media lost their ever-loving minds.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in the few short months that she’s been on the radar, has failed to define the difference between socialism and democratic socialism, failed to define how, exactly, Israel is occupying Palestine, asserted that employment was low because people are working two jobs, referred to our highly-regulated economic system as “no holds barred hyper-capitalism”, and that ICE is running “black sites” at the border. Oh yeah, and she has never been able to give an example as to where any of her proposed economic ideas work.

So yeah…she doesn’t have much room to judge about the snowball, here.

Secondly, she also has bragged constantly that she has a degree in economics. She also is running on a platform that centers around some of the most controversial economic issues of the last two centuries.

So when she blabbers on about economics and is proven wrong…people will take notice.

Finally, this isn’t a case of her “not knowing everything”, this is a case of her repeatedly saying things that are just plain dumb and/or patently untrue.

Believe me. Even the Washington Post has found her to be consistently full of crap.

But go ahead, Alexandria, just keep playing the victim card, and show us what a strong, empowered, and informed young woman you are.