Senate GOP Appears To Be On Path To Hold Majority, Despite The Polls

Senate Republicans look like they are going to defy the political polls that said Democrats would take down their majority and win over both houses of Congress.

Democrats needed to win four seats in order to regain the majority in the Senate, but so far, it seems they are only going to see a net gain of one additional seat. They’ve managed to strike down two GOP incumbents and were on track to lose two of their own seats.

via Washington Examiner:

Sen. Susan Collins, a Republican of Maine, appeared poised to overcome and defeat Democratic challenger Sara Gideon, while Republican Joni Ernst vanquished Democrat Theresa Greenfield in Iowa.

Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina held a narrow lead over his Democratic challenger, Cal Cunningham, while Sen. Lindsey Graham easily defeated Democratic challenger Jaimie Harrison in South Carolina by a double-digit margin that outperformed polls that showed a tied race.

Sen. Steve Daines, a Montana Republican, appeared on track to defeat Democratic challenger Steve Bullock by 10 points.

All the seats were considered to be toss-up races. In the Maine race, Collins is crushing the polls that suggested she was behind Gideon, so that’s good news for the GOP.

Republicans were on track to gain two additional Senate seats. Michigan Republican John James held a 1 point lead over current Democratic incumbent Gary Peters. However, a lot of ballots still need to be counted.

Tommy Tuberville, a Republican from Alabama, handily defeated incumbent Democrat Doug Jones to take his seat.

It really isn’t looking likely Democrats will manage to take over both houses of Congress, which is very good news for those of us nervous that Trump might end up losing the election.

At least Biden won’t be able to just jam through whatever measures he wants and will be held accountable for nonsense he pushes.