Sen. Tom Cotton Says That Even The Border Patrol Believes Immigration Policy A ‘Total Failure’

According to fiery conservative Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, even the Border Patrol agrees that President Joe Biden’s immigration policy is an “utter and total failure.”

Cotton actually toured the facilities located at the southern border last week along with other GOP senators, so if anyone can speak on this issue with clarity, it’s Cotton.

“That’s the thing we consistently heard,” Cotton said during an interview with “Fox and Friends.” “If you let them in, more will come. Not shockingly, if you say that minors get into the country or that anyone who shows up with a child under the age of 6 gets into the country, guess what? You get more in this country. It leads to the heartbreaking scenes that we have seen in pictures and videos from my colleagues.”

Cotton was part of the delegation to the border that was led by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and fellow Texan Sen. John Cornyn, stating that what he saw there was an “absolute crisis.”

“Inside some of these facilities you have small children without even parents there who are sleeping right next to each other in large, I guess you might call them cages,” said the Arkansas Republican. “They replaced the chain-linked fence with plastic walls. But, still, they are packed in tight.”

via Newsmax:

The Biden administration, he added, is addressing the symptoms by asking federal employees to deploy to the border, but it isn’t addressing the cause, which is “Biden opening our border and saying anyone who comes here can get in.”

But by allowing anyone with a child to enter, that results in “tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands” more people showing up with kids.

“I spoke to several of them on Thursday night underneath that bridge,” he said, referring to a bridge under where families are gathering. “I asked them why they came? Almost to a person, they said to find a job or to get a better life. They didn’t say they were facing persecution because of their race or ethnicity or sex or political views or religion. They came because they want a better life.”

And that, he said, doesn’t constitute asylum under U.S. law.

“They are coming because Joe Biden dismantled the highly effective policies of the Trump administration,” Cotton added. “They could reinstitute all of those today. They could say we are going to turn back everyone who comes to the border because of the pandemic. They can say you have to adjudicate your asylum claims in the first country you enter after you left your country. If you get to the border, you have to remain in Mexico.”

We all knew the moment Biden took office and started pumping out executive orders, all of which were designed to erase the work Trump did while he was in office, that we’d start feeling the negative effects of these efforts almost immediately.

Especially in regard to immigration. Many of these illegal immigrants have said the reason they are coming to the border is because they were under the impression Biden would welcome them into the country with open arms.

He made this mess. Now he needs to fix it.