Sen. Tim Scott Fires Back At Dick Durbin After He Calls His Police Reform Bill ‘A Token’

One of the most ironic things about the current battle against racism the left claims to be all about is that the purveyors of most racism in this country is the Democratic Party. Not only do they have a well documented history of being racist against blacks and being pro-slavery, but they continue to push racial stereotypes.

But since they are leftists, progressives give them a free pass. After all, they need all the help they can get so they can take down the evil mastermind Donald Trump and make Biden, a potential sexual predator, the commander-in-chief.

This racism has been put on full display in a dispute between Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin from Illinois and Republican Sen. Tim Scott from South Carolina.

Durbin referred to Scott’s police reform bill as “a token,” just hours after it being introduced. Scott was not about to take that bit of racism lying down. He immediately fired back.

Here’s more from Daily Caller:

“Let’s not do something that’s a token, half-hearted approach,” Durbin, the second-highest ranking Senate Democrat, said during a speech about Scott’s legislation. Scott responded shortly after Durbin’s remarks, asking him if his Democratic colleagues are “still wearing those kente cloths over there.”

Scott’s tweet comes after a fact-checker said Tuesday that the kente cloths that Democrats wore after George Floyd’s death were “historically worn” by an “empire involved in [the] West African slave trade,” The Daily Wire reported.

“Not surprising the last 24 hours have seen a lot of ‘token’ ‘boy’ or ‘you’re being used’ in my mentions. Let me get this straight … you DON’T want the person who has faced racial profiling by police, been pulled over dozens of times, or been speaking out for YEARS drafting this?” the South Carolina senator wrote on Twitter.

“And don’t throw ‘you’re the only black guy they know’ at me either. There are only two black Democratic Senators, stop pretending there’s some huge racial diversity gap in the Senate. Ask my Dem colleagues what their staffs look like … I guarantee you won’t like the answer,” he added.

That right there is what it looks like to get your biscuits burned. Thoroughly. On both sides. Scott took this Durbin fellow to task in the most awesome way, didn’t he?

Radical leftists hate to see a black man strong enough to think for himself and decide on his own what set of values he wants to live his life by. That’s dangerous to Democrats. If minorities start thinking for themselves, it’ll be harder to keep them under the party’s thumb and get them to the polls come November.