Sen. Thune Delivers Big Warning Of ‘Nuclear War’ In Senate If Dems Pack Supreme Court


Sen. John Thune, the second-ranking Senate Republican, delivered a stern warning to his Democrat colleagues, stating that if they continue to go forward with packing the Supreme Court beyond the current nine justices, they would instigate a “nuclear war” in the Senate.

via Disrn:

Sen. John Thune (R-SD) said that the current Democrat plan to pack the court would provoke a united Republican effort to exercise any and all disruptive measures to obstruct the entire legislative process of government, including but not limited to the denial of a basic quorum to conduct any business.

Thune’s warnings were echoed by fellow Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

“If I have to stay in South Carolina to deny a quorum to do this crazy stuff, I will,” Graham stated. “If a third-world emerging democracy did this, the State Department with all of us would be talking about a puppet government creating a puppet court.”

With a majority, however, Democrats could merely change the Senate quorum rules. Thune referenced that possibility in his remarks.

“I don’t put anything past them, including trying to blow up the rules,” Thune went on to say. “If they had the votes, I think they would get rid of the legislative filibuster, so I don’t think there’s any length they won’t go to to try and enact this agenda. But what I’m saying is whatever the procedural tools are that are available to us, we will exercise them because that would be a declaration of nuclear war in the Senate.”

The Democratic Party is trying to do everything they can to ensure there is no way to oppose their radical agenda of transformation, destroying the republic we know and love and replacing it with a monstrosity birthed of the ideology of Karl Marx.

That’s the real reason they are desperate to pack the Supreme Court. If they take this action, it is imperative conservative fight it all the way. Otherwise, the experiment in self-government is officially over.