Sen. Ted Cruz Says Biden Is Blocking Media At The Border To Keep Crisis Situation Quiet

Sen. Ted Cruz went on a tear against President Joe Biden on Tuesday, stating that the president is directly responsible for what’s unfolding at the southern border and that he is blocking the media from visiting the holding centers, along with other locations, because he doesn’t want the American people to know just how bad things are down there.

“As soon as Joe Biden was sworn in he halted construction on the border wall and reinstituted the failed policy of catch and release,” the Texas Republican said during a conversation with Fox News host Harris Faulkner. “They release illegal immigrants, without COVID testing them for many of them. He repealed the remain in Mexico policy which was a tremendous foreign policy and immigration victory that the Trump administration had negotiated with Mexico. Joe Biden tore that apart.”

via Newsmax:

And as a result, “we’re seeing a crisis,” said Cruz. “Last month over 100,000 illegal aliens were detained at the border. It is getting worse. We’re seeing more and more kids, unaccompanied kids, young children, kids in cages as the media told us for four years relentlessly during Donald Trump. There are a lot more kids in cages right now.”

Cruz said he’s taking 17 senators to the border on Friday to meet with Customs and Border Patrol agents and visit detention facilities and law enforcement officers, and he wants the media to come along.

“Astonishingly, the Biden administration is refusing to allow any media to accompany us,” Cruz went on to say. “Fox News wanted to come with us; ABC News wanted to come with us and embed with us.”

Cruz then said the fact that the Biden administration is using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse and argument to keep the media away from the border is “absurd.”

“Never mind that they are packing thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants in packed facilities. It is reporters and cameramen that pose the COVID threat,” the Texas senator said. “I’ve taken border trips and been to those facilities many times in the Obama administration and the Trump administration and they’ve always let media in. It is only the Biden administration that is engaged in this blackout.”

Many of the illegal individuals being detained have been released into Texas despite the fact that many of them are COVID-19 positive.

“It is indefensible and a public health risk,” he continued. That’s why they don’t want the press to know about it. They’re trying to cover up this crisis and it is self-created.”

Cruz also ripped into Vice President Kamala Harris for giggling and laughing when she was asked if there are plans to visit the border amid the growing crisis.

“To see her laugh at the crisis on the border and these children, it is a humanitarian crisis that we have thousands of little boys and little girls being handed over to human traffickers who are physically abusing those kids,” Cruz went on to say. “Sexually abusing those kids and the attitude of Kamala and Joe Biden is they’re laughing at them. That is not compassionate or giving a damn. The Donna processing facility in Texas right now has nearly 4,000 illegal immigrants in that facility. It has a capacity of 250. So it is 1,500 times in excess of its capacity. The reaction of the Biden administration and Kamala Harris is just to laugh and to keep making it worse. They still won’t fix it.”

“Stop releasing people who are COVID possible and stop putting kids in harm’s way and stop releasing criminals that prey on the community,” the Texas senator said.