Sen. Rand Paul Says Dems Recognizing Natural Immunity In Fight Against COVID ‘Two Years Late’

Sen. Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican, stated on Thursday that he’s glad to hear that Democrats are finally coming around to the importance of natural immunity in the fight against the coronavirus, but said that it’s “two years late.”

“Look, 78 million people have gotten the infection, but if you do testing of random antibodies, you find out how many people were infected. There’s at least two more for every one or another 140 million, [so] about 200 million Americans have gotten this,” the Republican senator said during an appearance on Newsmax’s “National Report.”

via Newsmax:

However, there is “this push” by Dr. Anthony Fauci and others to force children to be vaccinated, even “as soon as they’re born,” said Paul, but he finds that to be misguided.

“They’re ignoring the natural immunity,” he remarked. “We have so much natural immunity built up now, I think we’re at a spot where the virus has become endemic. The virus is going to stay with us, but we have reduced the death toll and the deadliness of it, and some of that’s by the evolution of the mutation of it.”

Further, with the treatments that are now available, “there’s just no reason to be so as hysterical as we have been previously,” said the senator. “We should continue to emphasize that if you are of a certain age or if you’re overweight, or you have some other diseases seek early treatment, vaccinated or unvaccinated because you can get this whether you’ve been vaccinated or not.”

Fauci has said a fourth shot may be needed, but Paul insisted that for people who have gotten COVID-19 in the last month or two, “Mother Nature gave you a booster, and it’s much better than the vaccine.”

Paul went on to say that the vaccine allows “temporary immunity,” which then loses its effectiveness, while getting the illness itself provides a much stronger natural immunity.”

“I’m still not saying you want to get it, but a lot of us have gotten it whether we wanted to or not,” said the Kentucky senator. “They found that antibodies are still present 22 months after nearly two years after you’ve gotten it. With the previous SARS coronavirus from 2004, there are people 18 years later who still have an immune response. So yes, this is a godsend, and we should be so happy that there is something called natural immunity, but we shouldn’t ignore it.”

Paul then took a shot at calls for kids to receive the booster shots, calling it “malpractice.”

“You’ve got colleges like Princeton and Yale and the University of Chicago, requiring three vaccines for kids,” he stated during the interview. “Well, if you’re a young male, you are actually at an increased risk for inflammation of the heart or myocarditis with each successive booster. So if Fauci is following the science, he should be all over TV warning colleges that they should not be mandating boosters.”