Sen. Paul Fires Back At Fauci For Blaming Republicans For Death Threats

Sen. Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican, stated on Tuesday that Dr. Anthony Fauci deflected questions during a hearing earlier in the day and then unfairly accused the GOP of raising funds for political campaigns off of attacks that he then claimed are responsible for “death threats.”

Paul sat down with Jenn Pellegrino to talk about the confrontation with Fauci.

“Today, when we ask him questions, we ask him whether it was appropriate for him to take his $420,000 salary and attack his enemies,” Paul stated. “So, Fauci responds to me – and the way he responds is he says, ‘Well, anybody who questions me, anyone who dares to question me is fomenting violence against me,’ and he recounted that he had a death threat.”

“Just an unfair tactic on his part. And he did it basically by ignoring the question, and he made an accusation that we were somehow responsible for the death threats,” he continued.

Paul then went on to say he believes Fauci should “be in jail” and that if the GOP ends up taking control of the Senate, they will “subpoena all his records.”

“It is about electoral politics,” Paul stated. “I tell people to go to if you want to fire Fauci.”

According to Newsmax, the fight between Paul and Fauci took place during a Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee hearing.

It is the latest tussle between the two men in an ongoing rivalry that started when the pandemic began.