Sen. Joni Ernst Says Russia’s Aviation Threats Are Them Acting By The ‘Playbook’

According to Sen. Joni Ernst, Russia’s current threats against civilian aviation are just another act yanked from the “playbook” President Vladimir Putin and the rest of his administration use to push out disinformation as part of their mission to “beat everyone down to submission.”

“We’ve seen a lot of this from Vladimir Putin over the last several days,” the Iowa Republican stated during a chat on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “Your initial reaction is, This is abhorrent, and it is very, very provocative, but it’s exactly what the Putin regime will do is utilize these methods of social media and various platforms to get out disinformation and threats.”

However, the U.S. needs to step up and start pushing back against this Russian bully and refuse to take these kind of threats lying down, Ernst went on to say.

“We need to be doing absolutely everything we can to ensure that the Ukrainians have the armament and the means to push back on Russia — everything that we can provide,” said the senator. “I spearheaded an effort to make sure that we can get them lethal aid as well as those MiG fighters, so we’ll see how this goes in the next day or two. But every hour makes a difference for the Ukrainian people.”

via Newsmax:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation early Thursday tweeted a threat to civilian aviation and public transportation in response to other countries “flooding” Ukraine with “the latest weapons systems.”

Such threats, Ernst added, are Russia’s effort to get the United States and the West to back down and allow it to “roll rampant” in Ukraine without any intervention.

“Ukraine is a sovereign nation,” Ernst remarked. “We are held in account as well with the Budapest agreement to aid Ukraine and help them against adversaries like President Putin and Russia, and by arming the Ukrainian people, we are honoring that agreement that we entered into to get Ukraine to take away its nuclear arms. We are obligated to assist this nation in its defense.”

Ernst continued that it is “encouraging” that high-level peace talks have started between Russia and Ukraine, but pointed out that the peace talks were held Thursday in Turkey, which does “tend to lean a little toward Putin and Russia.”

“It would be interesting to know exactly what they are talking about,” she remarked. “I think that would be extremely helpful, but they do need to continue with talks. We need to end the siege upon Ukraine, but we can’t do it at risk to Ukraine and their sovereign nation.”

The two nations did not, unfortunately, make a breakthrough during their talks on Thursday concerning a cease-fire or on humanitarian matters during what was the first high-level talks that have been held since the invasion began in late February.

Ernst then called on President Biden, who is currently planning to travel to Delaware over the weekend, to be more active in helping to mediate a resolution and bring the violence to an end.

“We need to show American leadership here,” the senator said. “We are the strongest nation in the world. We should be exhibiting that. I wish the president would step up and take this seriously. Ukrainians are dying every day. God bless the people of Ukraine.”