Sen. Cruz Says HR 1 Is ‘Single Most Dangerous Bill’ In Congress

Sen. Ted Cruz has come out and stated that the piece of legislation known as H.R. 1, which is the House Democrats’ voter reform bill, is the “single most dangerous bill being considered by Congress right now.”

Unfortunately, this resolution has already passed the House. It’s actually title, richly, is “For The People Act,” but Cruz is referring to it as the “Corrupt Politicians Act” when he stopped by Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” program.

“It is designed to entrench corrupt politicians in office and keep Democrats in power for 100 years.” Cruz explained. “It has the federal government take over all elections. It repeals virtually all of the commonsense state integrity laws.”

via Newsmax:

The bill contains several provisions that Cruz said will repeal “virtually all of the commonsense state integrity laws for elections” including voter ID laws.

“The ‘Corrupt Politicians Act’ also mandates universal mail-in voting everywhere for no reason whatsoever and mandates ballot harvesting that 31 states have made illegal,” said Cruz. “Paid political operatives (can) go to a nursing home and collect hundreds of ballots. It is the single-most like circumstance for voter fraud, that those paid operatives can go to vulnerable seniors in nursing homes who may not be in a condition to make choices.”

The bill’s provision to automatically register anyone who interacts with the government to vote also means votes for Democrats, Cruz said.

“The Democrats know it will result in millions of illegal immigrants being registered to vote and that is their objective is to get millions of illegal immigrants to vote,” said the Texas senator. “It also strikes down all the state laws limiting felons and criminals from voting.”

Cruz also said the bill mandates that any person leaving prison can participate in an election by voting, which means “the Democrats have decided that America needs more murderers, rapists, and child molesters voting and millions of illegal immigrants and criminals voting. It is going to benefit Democrats and keep them in power. This is a very dangerous piece of legislation.”

We all knew that there was something fishy with this election and that the stakes were high, but folks, it really looks like Democrats are trying to destroy the very foundation of our country and government to ensure they never lose another election.

This is a scary time.